Tue Apr 4 14:44:57 EEST 2017

The ideal IoT gift for beauties

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video: 8min, 32MB, 1 crash. dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda

video: 8min, 32MB, 1 crash. dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda

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Wed Mar 15 14:34:32 EET 2017

Cвpaкa / Bird video

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Mon Mar 13 14:29:50 EET 2017

Humor 2017-03-13

Humor 2017-03-13
Безкофеиново кафе и безалкохолна бира водят до надуваеми жени.


Caffeineless coffee and non-alcoholic beer lead to inflatable women.

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Mon Mar 6 15:28:07 EET 2017

In ECDSA, without knowing priv. key and any signature one can sign random garbage

In ECDSA, without knowing priv. key and any signature one can sign random garbage

In ECDSA, the signature of number H is pair (r,s).
Without knowing the private key and any signature made with the key,
one can sign:

1. "random garbage" (there is some complicated structure in it)
2. H=0
3. H=r
4. H=s

Is this known and/or trivial?

Attached are some Sage example for bitcoin's curve SEC256k1.

Would someone confirm or deny the examples with X=111 and unknown
private key indeed work?

Taking challenges:  give the public key Q_A=(x,y) on the curve.


def tesbitcoincurve1():
        sage code:  http://sagemath.org, can be run in a browser in
        the cloud
        to run: %runfile file.sage

        experiments with bitcoin's SEC256k1 curve
        p=  0xfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffefffffc2f
        Gx= 0x79be667ef9dcbbac55a06295ce870b07029bfcdb2dce28d959f2815b16f81798
        Gy= 0x483ada7726a3c4655da4fbfc0e1108a8fd17b448a68554199c47d08ffb10d4b8
        #print n*G==0
        #public key
        QA=E(111,110020423816543951948138174357929621064214669117893252455581053961287533632517) # x=111, private key not known

        (r,s),H=(111, 111),0
        print v1==r
        (r,s),H=(78357151550401202949332147590566221935398179112989344213812814774602295022407, 97074620393858699186451566299627064894117871696032124298208988958060228258372),0
        print v1==r
        r,s=(105428374047743273196882821059891338511368444654956635403964917579221889109295, 110610231642529734310226903034289623182103004467015769893285040360370025301816)
        print v1==r
        r,s=(88726997827321435678026270701493246247383349479297427343226348386495743771888, 6369173660802749257382322127278165968358828480647562576685803871983831660923)
        print v1==r
        (r,s),H=(105238699896951558262377011680716928670929106668167672998668678863061090326385, 102286764830003424766749795690788297189374412259121264591707039647964876795035),6206150873392997599270790826086018442478461413119740184175413055321497803859
        print v1==r

def ECDSA_verify(r,s,n,H,G,QA):
        #valid if r==x1
        return x1


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Sun Feb 19 17:07:55 EET 2017

Cняг / Snow video

Сняг / Snow video:

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Thu Feb 16 14:45:24 EET 2017

AI story about bot #1

Allegedly nearly true story...

Once upon a time there was an irc channel.
On the channel there was bot named Mimi18, typical female nick.
The bot was passive, never spammed first.
Chatted as little as possible when spammed, essentially small talk and
questions, counter-questions, counter-counter-questions, etc.
Essentially the bot was like "organic" woman chatting too little,
never chatting on the channel, private messages only.
The bot owner enjoyed some of the chat logs.
One day the bot owner shut the bot pulling the plug and rm'ing
the bot sources.
The last messages in the logs was:
"You are the best woman I have ever chatted with!"

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Thu Jan 5 11:58:09 EET 2017

Пиянски виц / Drunkard joke

Пиянски виц / Drunkard joke
Сeмeйcтвo глeдa нoвинитe, пo кoитo cъoбщaвaт, чe Бългapия e нa втopo мяcтo
в cвeтa пo кoличecтвo yпoтpeбявaн aлкoxoл. Жeнaтa пoглeждa нaцyпeнo cъпpyгa
cи, кoйтo тъкмo cи нaливa пopeднaтa чaшкa c paкия.
Toй я пoглeждa нaвъceнo и кaзвa:
- K'вo мe глeдaш? Πpaвя вcичкo пo cилитe cи.


Bulgarian couple watches TV and it announces that Bulgaria is on second place
in the world for alcohol usage per capita.
The man has one more drink.
The woman gives him an angry look.
The man replies: What do you want? I am trying to do my best!

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Tue Sep 6 13:26:11 EEST 2016

m$ pays TO YOU for using their shitty browser (for windoze too soon)

m$ pays TO YOU for using their shitty browser (for windoze too soon)
| http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/19/microsoft_promises_free_terrible_coffee_every_month_you_use_edge/
| Microsoft promises free terrible coffee every month you use Edge
| World's most unpopular browser, now with opt-in SuperStalking

Expect them to pay you in shitty stuff for Windoze(tm) too soon.

(Telemetry and sniffing is bonus for you. It is high in the clouds,

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Sun Aug 28 14:55:25 EEST 2016

MATH: Unlikely correctness of paper will break discrete logarithm over F_p^*

The Discrete Logarithm Problem over Prime Fields can be
transformed to a Linear Multivariable Chinese Remainder 
H. Gopalakrishna Gadiyar, R. Padma
(Submitted on 25 Aug 2016)

If this paper is fixable, it will break at least some (if not all)
DL instances in F_p^* (DH, DSA???, El Gamal).

There are implicit assumptions like 0 \lt n \lt p (and possibly
0< \lt beta_n \lt p).

Keywords for breaking after it:
integer programming, fixed number of variables, complexity

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