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Sat Aug 24 16:11:33 EEST 2019

Българска музика / Bulgarian music

#XXX: I can't translate lyrics

Ахат - Черна овца / Ahat - Black sheep

Аз сам си избрах тази съдба, вечната черна овца
I chose my destiny, eternal black sheep

Тангра - Дон Кихот / Tangra - Don Quixote

А Дон Кихот, прегърнал здраво чашата
във кръчмата спореше със неверници,
които го закачаха от масите,
че днес дори в музея няма мелници.

Don Quixote was hugging cup in pub, while trolling infidels.
The infidels joked over the tables that today
there are no wind mills even in museums.

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Mon Aug 12 14:03:30 EEST 2019

gnu/linux rediscovers macro malware

gnu/linux rediscovers macro malware

vim worm 2003:

libreoffice macro bug July 2019:

expect problems with digitally signed vulnerable mobile code
like .jar or when linux includes ActiveX in the kernel
with signed ActiveX (2002):

we believe gnu/linux will lose the malware war like m$ did
since last century.

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