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Fri Jul 12 16:40:08 EEST 2019

Microsoft is a linux vendor, lol

Microsoft is a linux vendor,lol:


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Sat Jul 6 14:56:04 EEST 2019

On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

According to theregister [1] m$ wants to access private
linux bugs. Theregister mentions that in 2001 she called
linux "cancer". Another example of anti-opensource behavior
are the Halloween documents [2] from 1998 (some current
decision makers and journos have not be born then. History
is written by the winners).

It is well known that microsoft is entirely money driven
and she will sell Gates' first born and Ballmer might even
deliver it.

First, a hostile kernel contributor is danger for the
future of linux kernel IMHO.

Unpopular suggestion for microsoft's request for private
bugs: Find something that requires windows compatibility
(say Wine, some cloud shit, whatever else). Tell microsoft:
You want our bugs? We want your bugs. You show first.



Tue Jul  9 11:44:12 EEST 2019

Follow up on On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

There is discussion at:
the thread "linux-distros membership application - Microsoft".

In short the vendorz crowd likes microsoft and I am
unpopular on their list.

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