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Microsoft is a linux vendor, lol

Microsoft is a linux vendor,lol:


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On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

According to theregister [1] m$ wants to access private
linux bugs. Theregister mentions that in 2001 she called
linux "cancer". Another example of anti-opensource behavior
are the Halloween documents [2] from 1998 (some current
decision makers and journos have not be born then. History
is written by the winners).

It is well known that microsoft is entirely money driven
and she will sell Gates' first born and Ballmer might even
deliver it.

First, a hostile kernel contributor is danger for the
future of linux kernel IMHO.

Unpopular suggestion for microsoft's request for private
bugs: Find something that requires windows compatibility
(say Wine, some cloud shit, whatever else). Tell microsoft:
You want our bugs? We want your bugs. You show first.



Tue Jul  9 11:44:12 EEST 2019

Follow up on On Microsoft request to access private linux bugs

There is discussion at:
the thread "linux-distros membership application - Microsoft".

In short the vendorz crowd likes microsoft and I am
unpopular on their list.

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Wed Jun 12 18:15:33 EEST 2019

Stuff from the past

Stuff from the past

History is written by the winners.

In 1999 it was disclosed [1] that m$ had a variable name _NSAKEY
in the windoze.

In 1998 Halloween Documents [2] document leaked showing microsoft's
strategy against free software and especially linux. Due to lameness
m$ couldn't predict android will run on linux kernel

In early 2000 major malware like Code Red and Nimda hit m$,
showing to m$ the meaning of word "security". Nimbda exploited
the brain damaged loading dynamic libraries from the current
working directory (I might have written something on this).

In 2003 [3] debian shipped backdoored micq (the backdoor is
debian specific). IIRC there was a quarrel between the
debian package maintainer and the micq developer.

Links to wikipedia are permanent snapshots


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Wed May 8 17:01:55 EEST 2019

Иcтopия c Myлтицeт / Story about Multimeter

Когато бях на десетина години баща ми даде да си играя с аналогов Мултицет. С прости думи това е нещо като устройство, което измерва електрически величини като омове, ампери и още няколко други ( Резултатът се показваше с метална стрелка, а не с дисплей. Преди да започна :) “електротехническите си изследвания и измервания” :) предпазливо попитах какво да не измервам, за да не го повредя. Според баща ми и ръководството за експлоатация двойната защита го предпазва от измервателни повреди.
Устройството се повреди непоправимо след около два часа. То не успя да измери амперите в контакта при бързо включване няколко пъти. Размина ми се с предупреждение че токът е опасен за хора. В сервиза много се учудили защо втората защита не се е задействала. Смятам, че не го повредих умишлено, но със сигурност броят ампери в контакта не ме интересуваха (както и сега не ме интересуват), но повече ме интересува деление на нещо неразличимо от нула (примерно в закона на Ом и подобни), както и умножение на лявата и дясната страна по нула.
When I was about 10 years old my father gave me an analog Multimeter to play with. With simple words this a device which measures electric values like ohms, ampers and some other ( The result was was shown with a metal arrow, not with digital display. Before starting my :) “electric measuring and research” :) I cautiously asked what experiments to avoid in order not to break the device. According to my father and the user manual the double protection prevents measuring damage.
The device got irrepairably broken in about two hours. It failed to measure the ampers in the power outlet in several fast tries. My slight punishment was the warning that electric current is dangerous for people. In the repair shop the technicians were surprised why the second protection didn’t work. I believe I didn’t break the Multimeter on purpose, but definitely I wasn’t interested in the value of ampers in the power outlet (I am still not interested in that value). I am more interested in division by something indistinguishable from zero (say in Ohms law) and multiplication of the left hand site and the right hand side by zero.

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виц 2019-04

Мъж при ясновидка.
- Утре ще умре тъщата ви.
- Това го знам. Ще ме хванат ли?

Man goes to clairvoyant.
- Tomorrow your mother-in-law will die.
- I know that. Will I get caught?

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Thu Apr 25 14:33:14 EEST 2019

Бeзaлкoxолнa биpa / Non-alcoholic beer

За моя изненада безалкохолната бира е много добра на вкус, почти като истинската. хахаха, не съм сигурен че мога да ги различавам двете без да се напия.
To my surprise non-alcoholic beer tastes very good, nearly as the real beer. Lol, I am not sure I can tell the difference without getting drunk.

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Grigori Perelman / Γpигopий Πepeлмaн

Grigori Perelman / Григорий Перелман
Just pasting from the English and Bulgarian wikipedias: [1] and [2].
In August 2006, Perelman was offered the Fields Medal[1] for "his contributions to geometry and his revolutionary insights into the analytical and geometric structure of the Ricci flow", but he declined the award, stating: "I'm not interested in money or fame; I don't want to be on display like an animal in a zoo." On 22 December 2006, the scientific journal Science recognized Perelman's proof of the Poincaré conjecture as the scientific "Breakthrough of the Year", the first such recognition in the area of mathematics.
On 1 July 2010, he rejected the prize of one million dollars, saying that he considered the decision of the board of CMI and the award very unfair and that his contribution to solving the Poincaré conjecture was no greater than that of Richard S. Hamilton, the mathematician who pioneered the Ricci flow with the aim of attacking the conjecture.[5][6] He had previously rejected the prestigious prize of the European Mathematical Society, in 1996.[7] At present, the only Millennium Prize problem to have been solved is the Poincaré conjecture.
Perelman is quoted in an article in The New Yorker saying that he is disappointed with the ethical standards of the field of mathematics.
This, combined with the possibility of being awarded a Fields medal, led him to quit professional mathematics. He has said that "As long as I was not conspicuous, I had a choice. Either to make some ugly thing or, if I didn't do this kind of thing, to be treated as a pet. Now, when I become a very conspicuous person, I cannot stay a pet and say nothing. That is why I had to quit."
Perelman has avoided journalists and other members of the media. Masha Gessen, the author of Perfect Rigour: A Genius and the Mathematical Breakthrough of the Century, a book about him, was unable to meet him.
2007 г. – британският вестник „Дейли Телеграф“ публикува списък на „100-те живи гении“, в който Григорий Перелман заема 9-то място преди другите 2 граждани на Русия (Гари Каспаров на 25-то място и Михаил Калашников на 83-то място).
Πpaктичecки нaпълнo пpeкъcвa вpъзкa c кoлeгитe cи. He пpoявявa интepec към пo-нaтaтъшнa нayчнa кapиepa. Живee c мaйкa cи, вoди твъpдe зaтвopeн нaчин нa живoт, избягвa жypнaлиcти.

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Иcтopия зa бpидж

История за бридж

Средата на 90-те години играехме бридж в малкото НДК на полупрофесионално ниво.
Понякога имаше и професионални турнири.
Личният ми “рекорд” беше нещо от рода на първите 40%, но това няма значение.
На един професионален турнир аз и една позната успяхме да си намерим място  до масата на Х, 
Х беше един от най-добрите играчи в страната. Извън бриджа беше „Голям шеф“ 
и според слухове е прототип на един от героите на Георги Марков в 
„Портрет на моя двойник“ (има го на  chitanka.ainfo).
Преди да почне турнира аз не бях забелязал, че Х ме е  забелязал, но Х ме 
помоли да купя кафе за неговата маса и за мен и познатата.  За мен щеше да е чест аз да черпя, 
но Х настояваше той да плати.
След като донесох кафето Х пийна глътка и ни каза нещо от рода на: „Деца, аз пия лекарства, 
за да  заспя и лекарства, за да работя през деня, а много жени остават недолюбени“  
(определено каза „недолюбени“ и Х не беше известен като Дон Жуан).
Не помня как свърши турнира.

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On presidents and death

Since the office was established in 1789, 44 persons have served as
President of the United States. Of these, eight presidents have died
in office, four were assassinated and four died of natural causes [1].

8/44 ~ 1/5 so about one in five US presidents dies in office.

In Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) there is another statistical trend.
Of the five Bulgarian Presidents since 1990 [2] two lost a child
while alive. (If you add T. Jivkov from socialism time they 
become three). So the probability of losing a child is 2/5 = 0.4

The conclusion is left as an exercise for the reader, because the
margin is too small.


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