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Fri Jan 30 15:41:47 EET 2015

Looped circuit solving math problem? (clockLESS)

This might be gross nonsense, but at best might be crazy opportunistic idea.
Take a combinatorial circuit (NO CLOCK), loop the inputs so it has neither inputs nor inputs and power it on. If it reaches stable state and it is logically consistent, this will represent some boolean formula.
An example of significant importance is if the circuits computes the MD5 hash function restricted to 128 bits of inputs. Connect INPUT_i to OUTPUT_i for 0 < i <= 127. Logically consistent stable state is MD5(x)=x.
There is math obstruction (check SE link) about which I don't care since it just makes the idea "Monte Carlo". There is technical obstruction too (SE and cpunks links).
A very simple technical experiment will be of interest to me:
Take n-bit full adder (addition modulo 2^n) and one or more inverters. Loop many inputs to a single output using the inverters between if necessary until the creature is fully looped. Loop in a way a solution exists. The inverter is to avoid the trivial all zeros solution.
Power on.
On cpunks "coderman" called this "adiabatic bruteforce" and suggested it fails on current circuit technology.
Bounty 2 liters beers at local prices for the adder experiment whatever the result is.
SE link
cpunks link

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Thu Jan 29 11:02:32 EET 2015

From cypherpunks: chinese drunk droner crashes spy into white house

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at hozed.org 

How did I wake up in a Douglas Adams novel today, did anyone check for vogons?
The only way it could be better is if he was drunk on russian vodka.


The only logical explaination for this is someone who knows how completely
busted and broken the system has gotten is trying to make a point.

It's the complete absurdity of stuff like this that convinces me that no 'vast
government conspiracy' could ever survive the organizational incompetence.

Or at least, that's what the vogons want me to think. 

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Thu Jan 22 18:21:49 EET 2015

Програмист разсипал бира / Programmer spilled beer on the keyboard

Блондинка ми го каза.
Програмист разсипал по невнимание малко бира на клавиатурата. Каквото и да натискал, на монитора излизало "СИПИ ОЩЕ ЕДНО!".

Blondie told me this joke.
Programmer inadvertently spilled some beer on the keyboard. Whatever he typed, the monitor showed "GIMME MORE BEER!".
(some pun lost in translation to EN).

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Mon Jan 12 15:45:23 EET 2015

Hohoho, m$ calls google "irresponsible"

Hohohoh, I am enjoying this :))))
Oi, Google! Quit blabbing Windows zero-days, cries Microsoft
Microsoft's feels Google's acted irresponsibly because it not only planned a fix for the problem on January 13th but also asked Google not to go public until that day.
Hope they enter a deadly fight on all fronts :))))
Once upon a time the shits used the same words for me.

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Thu Jan 1 13:41:47 EET 2015

За много години / Happy New Year

За много години! Живи здрави и щастливи!
Happy 2015! All the best!

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