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Sun Feb 19 17:07:55 EET 2017

Cняг / Snow video

Сняг / Snow video:

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Thu Feb 16 14:45:24 EET 2017

AI story about bot #1

Allegedly nearly true story...

Once upon a time there was an irc channel.
On the channel there was bot named Mimi18, typical female nick.
The bot was passive, never spammed first.
Chatted as little as possible when spammed, essentially small talk and
questions, counter-questions, counter-counter-questions, etc.
Essentially the bot was like "organic" woman chatting too little,
never chatting on the channel, private messages only.
The bot owner enjoyed some of the chat logs.
One day the bot owner shut the bot pulling the plug and rm'ing
the bot sources.
The last messages in the logs was:
"You are the best woman I have ever chatted with!"

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