Sat Oct 3 14:23:46 EEST 2015

Cheers windows admins, did the "Weird garbled Windows 7 update" contains message TO microsoft?

Followup to Cheers windows admins, "Weird garbled Windows 7 update"?
According to comments on arstechnica m$ signed the weird update containing .gov/.mil/.edu URLs with, well, ``their'' real signing keys.
Looks like someone is making jokes with microsoft and according to a theory of mine, the ``garbage text'' might be some obfuscation/ASCII? friendly cypher. Certainly sufficiently long OTP will decrypt it to whatever, but short key/deobfuscation is against the odds.
The garbage text is on reddit
If you manage to find short decryption key/deobfuscation, please share with the unwashed masses.

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