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Fri Nov 26 18:34:24 EET 2010

Статичните блогове не са лоши.

Мда, статичните блогове са експоненциално по-бързи от WP ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
Нямат сносни коментари, ама то си е предимство.

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Fri Nov 26 18:25:35 EET 2010

Welcome to NanoBlogger 3.4.2!

Welcome to NanoBlogger, a small weblog engine for the UNIX command line.

Quick Reference

  • create new weblog (directory) ... nb -b <blog_dir> add weblog
  • create new article ... nb add article
  • create new entry (w/o tag) ... nb add entry
  • create new tag ... nb add tag
  • tag new entry ... nb --tag [tag_id] add entry
  • list entries ... nb list <query>
  • list tags ... nb list tags
  • list entries by tag ... nb list tag [tag_id]
  • edit entry ... nb edit entry [entry_id]
  • tag entry ... nb --tag [tag_id] tag-entry [entry_id]
  • untag entry ... nb --tag [tag_id] delete entry [entry_id]
  • delete tag ... nb delete tag [tag_id]
  • delete entry ... nb delete entry [entry_id]
  • draft entry or article ... nb draft [draft_file]
  • import draft as entry ... nb import entry [draft_file]
  • import draft as article ... nb import article [draft_file]
  • update weblog ... nb update <all|DATE|main|max|articles|feeds>

<query> may equal all,tag,DATE or max (defaults to all)

Thank you for choosing NanoBlogger. Please direct comments and suggestions to the mailing list or submit a bug report to the project page over at

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