Tue May 15 14:41:04 EEST 2018

Open letter to HRs

Hi HR,

You are a proxy recruiter, right?

Assuming so I appear to be the ``product''.

Here is a brief summary of the product: I was active in security in the period
1997-2007, mainly disclosing my 0days. Per my estimate was in top 3%
overall of the public hacking scene (this might be far off in both
During roughly this time was Netscape/Mozilla independent security consultant,
mainly pre-0days and advice for the Firefox browser.
Then I went on a vacation, mainly enjoying life and doing
experimental mathematics as a hobby.

I am considering return in the IT stuff.

Some of the things I DO NOT do currently:
1. 0days (AKA security bug hunting)
2. working with products of microsoft (don't like MS).
3. relocation from Sofia, Bulgaria (it is in the EU).

Some of the things I would like to do (not all applicable for you):
1. Experimental mathematics/data analysis
2. Software quality assurance (QA)
3. Hardening systems
4. Privacy research
5. Some security research without 0days
6. Possibly software development
7. Possibly security consulting

In all non-trivial stuff I have done I am self taught, education
didn't help much.

CV: http://j.ludost.net/resumegg.pdf

Georgi Guninski

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