Fri Oct 2 15:12:54 EEST 2015

Cheers windows admins, "Weird garbled Windows 7 update"?

Cheers windows admins...
Looks like microsoft got owned.
From theregister: Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth
Windows 7 users were left scratching their heads on Wednesday when a
mysterious garbled patch appeared in Windows Update, origins unknown.
Its description mostly contained garbled text. Links for more
information, help, and support were filled in with gibberish URLs with
".gov," ".mil," and ".edu" domains.
The Register poked Microsoft about the issue, and a spokesman told us:
"We incorrectly published a test update and are in the process of
removing it."
So m$ "test updates" contain .gov/.mil/.edu URLs?, lol

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